Here Are Incredible Podcasts For The Best Crowdfunding Inspiration

Most people know that inventors, entrepreneurs, and other creatives have long relied on crowdfunding to help get their projects off the ground. But for those who are new to this world of crowdfunding or don’t know where to start, we at Ideazon have put together a list of some awesome podcasts that will inspire you and provide a wealth of valuable information.

This is a podcast by Salvador Briggman. He talks about crowdfunding, how to start it, and lessons to learn from successful campaigns.

This is a great show for people who have ideas and are looking to explore crowdfunding in the future. It has one of the best tips out there.

This is one of the best crowdfunding podcasts out there. It’s fast, to the point, and has a lot of great information.

The episodes are always around an hour long and cover topics like how to start crowdfunding campaign, crowdfunding tips from successful campaigns, finding your niche within crowdfunding, and more.

If you’re looking for a podcast that talks about how to find success in crowdfunding, how to raise more funds, and how to improve your campaign, this is the right podcast for you. It walks you through his own personal journey with crowdfunding and also tells stories of other people’s successes and failures.

If you’re an entrepreneur or just curious about crowdfunding, this is a great podcast to listen to. It tells stories of success and failure, provides tips on niche selection, gives great insight into the challenges entrepreneurs face before and during their campaigns, and more.

Many founders and agencies are also interviewed and they get to promote their ideas on the podcast.

Another great podcast to listen to. This one mostly talks about how to raise money on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding platforms.

It also has a directory of over 100 successful projects and crowdfunding campaigns. The host is an experienced crowdfunding strategist who has been in the industry for 10 years.

This is a podcast covering the latest trends in the crowdfunding space such as social media, crowdmapping, and other things. It also talks about how to start a campaign, launch a product on Kickstarter, how to promote your project, and what resources you can use.

Khierstyn Ross is one of the leading experts in crowdfunding and she has interviewed many successful people from around the world. She shares her own journey, talking about how to launch your project and what to do if you are overwhelmed by the process.

Her guests also share their stories as well as how they overcame their initial failures.

This show is hosted by an experienced crowdfunding expert, Richard Bliss. He talks about how to conduct your campaign and what tools you need to help get your message out there. This podcast also tells stories of people who failed with their campaigns and how they learned from their mistakes.

All these podcasts are great but to execute everything you’ve learnt on them, you need a great platform. That’s where Ideazon comes in.

Ideazon is the world’s most robust crowdfunding platform that enables you to create, launch, and manage your crowdfunding campaign. With our robust features, your crowdfunding campaign is a breeze.

Five Signs Your Product Is Perfect For Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not easy. You have to put yourself and your idea out there and face your deepest fears. You have to make a big ask for what you want, knowing you’ll be disappointed when you don’t get the support in the end.

You have to know that everything is set up in such a way that if you don’t meet your goal, your backers get their money back. That means you don’t get anything. And for every person who gives their hard-earned cash, there’s an equal number who might call your idea stupid and give up.

It’s a really weird world of unknowns and risk-taking. So, at Ideazon, we think you should know some of the signs that your product is good for crowdfunding and will be able to reach its target.

●    Your Idea Is Easy to Demonstrate

It’s important for a crowdfunding product to be easy to demonstrate quickly in order to distinguish it from other products. So if you’re thinking about making an accessory or device, it must also be either cool-looking or immediately useful.

The Popsocket is an example of this. It’s a phone case that magnetically attaches to your phone. You can use it as a phone stand, or as a handgrip for better selfies.

It has a versatile design that allows users to use it in many different ways, and the magnet is strong enough to hold your phone while in use, yet is still easy to remove.

●    It Offers a Solution to a Common Problem

The best crowdfunding products fit nicely into a space that exists already. If you’re thinking about making a product, it should provide a real solution to a problem that users currently face. As long as the problem is something that lots of people can relate to, chances are people will want to back your idea. 

It’s important to understand who your target audience is, and to understand how many people in that audience would benefit from the solution you’re providing.

●    You Have a Clear Business Plan

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to get the funds you need to launch your product and business. To achieve this, you need to have a solid plan for how you’re going to use the money to bring your product from concept to national distribution.

There are some great resources out in the world to help you figure out how to build a business plan. Don’t forget to share your business plan with your backers. If they can understand how you see achieving success so clearly, they’ll be more likely to tell their friends and family about it.

The overarching goal of any crowdfunding campaign is to reach the funding goal.

●    Your Idea Is Easy to Bring to Life

It’s often easier to implement a product that already exists than a new idea. In order to make your product come to life, you need to have a solid prototype. It should be as close to your final product as possible so that customers can see the finished result without having to wait for it.

The types of products that are easiest to bring to life are those with an established market, like traditional electronics or popular tech products.

●    It Tells an Engaging Story

The most successful crowdfunding projects have a clear goal and story behind them that makes them easy to relate to. Look at what makes people interested in traditional products: a great story sells.

Showcase the progress that was made so far without ever mentioning how much money you need. People are more invested in the product when they feel like it’s on its way, rather than just an idea or concept on paper.

If any of these five signs is present in your product, then it has a higher chance of going through a successful crowdfunding process. But you won’t know until you begin, so let’s get you started right now at Ideazon.

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Incredible Projects You’d Never Believe Were Crowdfunded

As effective as crowdfunding is, it is still a fairly new system of generating capital for businesses. Unlike other methods, the owner doesn’t have to offer part of the company’s shares in return for funding. Instead, the contributors are promised preferential treatments in their future dealings with the companies involved. In a way, they are as effective as the traditional investment methods and have helped launch as many successful projects.

With crowdfunding, many projects that were originally written off by traditional investors have received a fighting chance. There are stories of how some businesses went from a couple of thousands on platforms like Kickstarter and Ideazon to multi-million dollar companies. We have compiled some of them in this article.

●    Oculus VR Headset

In 2012, Palmer Luckey, a 20 year old launched a kickstarter campaign for his invention, a Virtual Reality headset he was developing. Initially, the campaign was for $250,000 but the money raised far surpassed that at $2.4 million. At this point, Palmer Luckey was still working as an engineer at USC’s Mixed Reality Lab.

Two years later, when the headset was still in its prototype stage, Facebook got it for $2 billion dollars making the project one of the most successfully crowdfunded projects the world has ever seen. A large part of this success is attributed to the fact that Luckey invented something a lot of giant tech companies have been trying to do for a long time. 

●    Allbirds

Allbirds is a footwear line that also experienced the benefit of successful crowdfunding in its early days. In 2014, a campaign was launched on Kickstarter and this campaign was able to generate $119,196 in capital by 970 people. Today, the company is valued at $1 billion with yearly revenue of $100.2 million in 2019. 

This brand has been reported to be one of the fastest growing footwear companies in the world. There are even some speculations that it could compete with some luxury brands like Nike and Adidas.

Allbirds is praised as one of the most comfortable footwear ever and it still has room to grow. It is also popular among Silicon valley residents.

●    Popsocket

Yes, those colourful things you attach to the back of your phones to get a better grip on it or prop it for better viewing. 

The idea of popsockets was created by David Barnett, a professor of philosophy in Colorado in 2010. David didn’t want the cord of his earbuds to become tangled. So, he glued two buttons together at the back of his phone. Of course, the first version was ugly, but with tweaks here and there, David was able to launch a campaign on Kickstarter in 2012 to support his idea. 

At the time, 520 people contributed a total of $18,591 to the idea. In 2018, the company had revenue of over $200 million with a profit of over $90 million.

Crowdfunding is a really great thing, especially when there’s no other way for you to fund your business. There are several platforms to use for crowdfunding but not many of them can put your through step by step.

At Ideazon, we do that and more. Our aim is to ensure that you are able to launch your business without having to worry too much about funding.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today.

How To Adapt Your Crowdfunding Idea For A Post-Pandemic World

The post-pandemic world may just be described as a new era with different dynamics than what was obtained before the pandemic. But then, there are obvious changes that have been made, and more importantly, greater obligations to adapt to such changes. 

It is difficult not to notice that trends- such as in-person events- have been altered. The crowdfunding industry is no exception to some of these changes. To thrive in the post-pandemic world, adaptation is necessary. Not just of human activities, but ideas. 

As a starter, here are several ways you can adapt your crowdfunding idea for a post-pandemic world:

Use of a website: There is no better time to launch your crowdfunding campaign than now. The pandemic brought with it a transition to virtual events. This reality may not change soon due to its convenience.

This means several many individuals would be spending their time online. Launching a website for the sole purpose of fundraising is a definite way to start. This website is your first point of contact with the world. 

This website should contain the essence of the concept and tell a compelling story. Post pandemic, it should tell an interesting story of how the concept positively impacts and changes people’s lives.

Donation levels should be recommended to persuade individuals that they can donate at any rate. This site should also state how the funds will help. This helps supporters feel a deeper connection to the mission of your cause. 

At every stage of your crowdfunding process, communicate the extent to which funds have been received and the gap to be filled to reach the goal. This motivates your community to support your cause. Being the top crowdfund marketing company, we at Ideazon offers the right content and marketing to give your crowdfunding website an irresistible click. 

Online ads: Another great way to adapt your crowdfunding idea to suit the post-pandemic period is the use of Online ads. Online ads tell an emotional story of the problem and how your concept solves this issue in short, compelling videos. Due to short attention spans, a 10 minutes video is a good start. 

Email storytelling: At Ideazon, we believe the essence of crowdfunding is to attract support for your organization, program, or cause by telling a compelling story. Its primary goal is to get people to donate. This is more than just a cold mail. 

It will involve telling your story in a way that relates to your recipient and how the problem affects them. A donation to your cause would feel like a personal purpose to them and one which they are indispensable to achieve. It should also contain information as designed on your website. 

Plan For Changes: Crowdfunding online can’t just be as exciting as holding a physical crowdfunding session; it would require more effort to keep the attention of your target audience. 

While there exists an array of resources on crowdfunding, you need one tailored to suit the dynamics of this period and stand competition. What better place to source than Ideazon.

At Ideazon, we make your concepts stand out and innovatively craft your missions, giving it a competitive and ingenious edge. Launch your crowdfunding campaign with us!

How Crowdfunding Can Help Businesses Recover In 2021

Crowdfunding can prove to be a wonderful tool for the survival and even success of your business, post-2020. Most importantly, one agency that can help you achieve your crowdfunding goals is Ideazon.

2020 was quite a devastating year for businesses of various sizes. As the pandemic upset our normal daily living and restricted us to the comfort of our homes, businesses were gradually dying or struggling to remain in operations. Many expansion and growth plans were halted, and in fact, derailed by several years. 

As the pandemic starts to get eradicated and life returns to normal, businesses are starting to get back on their feet, but not all may make it. To survive, businesses need funding, but that funding is not easy to come by in the usual places. Lenders are now more restrictive than ever. 

This leaves the room open to alternative funding options and a very good one is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding essentially entails pulling funding from many people at once, rather than from one single person or entity.

This untapped but amazing source of funding can help your business not only survive the aftermath of the pandemic, but also help set it on the path to recovery and expansion. And the benefits are diverse.

How Crowdfunding Can Help With Business Recovery

  • Cheap Marketing

Crowdfunding can serve as one of the cheapest ways to do marketing in 2021. Apart from the benefit of raising the much-needed funding, you also get to advertise your businesses to potential customers.

While you are engaging in the crowdfund campaign, you get to sell your value proposition to people. These persons who become investors will also likely form a solid potential customer base. 

This way, you are building exposure and generating popularity for your business while also getting access to needed funding. You use the financing to fund important projects needed for survival and also get the patronage to get back up and running.

  • Loyal Community

One other important goal that crowdfunding helps you achieve is that it creates a loyal community around your product or business. The success of Crowdfunding campaigns is based on people subscribing to your business idea. If a lot of people like your business concepts, then, you might be on your way to building a strong community around it.

  • Test Market Acceptance

If you are launching a new product or just trying to gain ground, then crowdfunding is a veritable tool for you to test the acceptance of such products in the market. If the public subscribes well to your crowdfunding campaign, then it might be a sign that they believe in your business and the products. You can then get confident to roll out products en masse.

No matter your goals of engaging in the crowdfunding campaign, you need to focus attention on proper execution. How do you present your business case? Which investors should you target?

You cannot get to do this alone; you need partners. And one of the best you can find out there is Ideazon. Overtime, we have been able to generate significant funding for savvy entrepreneurs and have seen to not only the survival, but the success of many otherwise struggling businesses.

We are the best partners for your crowdfunding and business success goals.

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