5 Books You Should Read Before Launching Your First Crowdfunding Campaign

5 Books You Should Read Before Launching Your First Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is a great way to fund your latest business idea or creative project. It has become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to websites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter. 

While these websites make setting up a campaign pretty easy, there is a lot more to crowdfunding that sharing a link on Facebook. Luckily, there’s been a lot of reading material published recently about how to navigate the world of crowdfunding.

We compiled a list of 5 books you should read before launching your first campaign. Let’s get into it. 

  1. The Crowdfunding Bible: How to Raise Money for Any Project by Soctt Steingberg

As it states in the title, this is the go-to book for  any beginner in the world of crowdfunding. Since it’s only 90 pages, it’s a quick read that covers the essential information needed to start a successful campaign.

It also contains a lot of great examples for pitching your campaign and advertising on social media. 

  1. Crowdfunding for Social Good, Financing Your Mark on the World by Devin Thorpe

Crowdfunding projects that are working toward social good are on the rise, especially after this year’s events. If you’re looking to fund your own social good project, this book is for you.

 Crowdfunding for Social Good includes inspirational stories and tips that will keep you motivated to make a successful campaign.  

  1.  Crowdfunding: The Complete Guide to Using Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Other Crowdfunding Sources by Janet Ruth

It can be hard to find a starting point when entering the world of crowdfunding. We love this book because it dives deep into all the popular resources out there and which website will best suit your needs.

Different crowdfunding websites serve different purposes, so it’s important to choose the right one. 

  1. Crowdfunding: How to Get Crowdfunding Fast and Easy…even if you were Rejected by the Bankby Lise Gottlieb 

Crowdfunding: How to Get Crowdfunding Fast and Easy…even if you were Rejected by the Bank is the perfect book for anyone on a lower budget. It not only outlines the basics of crowdfunding like how to use crowdfunding websites but also talks about how to quickly acquire funds from the start.

There is also a great section on social media marketing, which is essential to any thriving campaign. 

  1. The Kickstarter Handbook: Real Life Success Stories of Artists, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs by Don Steinberg 

Though this book is specific to Kickstarter, there are still a lot of great tips inside that anyone can use. We love this book because it consists of interviews with real Kickstarter users who have launched successful projects.

All of their stories are relatable and full of advice for how to get the perfect campaign started.

Ideazon helps to revolutionize crowdfunding by providing

marketing and consultation services every step of the way. They discuss all things crowdfunding on their website and are the go-to resource for staying up to date with the crowdfunding industry. 

Strategy Secrets: The Difference between Success and Failure with Crowdfunding

Strategy Secrets: The Difference Between Success And Failure With Crowdfunding

Have you ever tried to run a crowdfunding campaign without success? While most people think crowdfunding is all about the idea, advertisement money, and a crowdfunding platform, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Why do some people succeed in crowdfunding and so many other entrepreneurs fail? We are one of the foremost crowdfunding agency in the United States, and we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch successful crowdfunding campaigns.

We are well-known for a high rate of crowdfunding conversion; that is most of the campaigns and entrepreneurs we have backed have created massive campaigns, made money, and developed their products. 

What is Crowdfunding?

In simple terms, crowdfunding means putting your idea or product out there for people to back you up financially either by investing in your idea or giving you loans to run your business.

Crowdfunding became popular in recent years, and many products and businesses have gone on to create successful campaigns on various crowdfunding sites. 

The difference between Success and Failure with Crowdfunding


There are people who are great inventors. Their brains are wired to understand the intricacies of science, the laws of physics, and more; however, academic genius can never replace marketing genius; nor can marketing genius replace legal genius.

Some people sign up to a crowdfunding platform, register their idea or product, and launch. They then put in some money to push the campaign. Eventually, they will lament the depressing truth that only their family members donated to their campaign. 

When planning on a crowdfunding campaign, you need a team of creative individuals to handle different aspect of the campaign. You need a copywriter to craft amazing copies; you need a production team to make your product look larger than life; you need a project manager, a researcher, a data analyst, and more.

The quality of your team will greatly influence the success of your crowdfunding campaign. 

Test Run

One of the rules of marketing is, ‘Never get emotionally attached to the project or product.’ Even if you think that your idea or product will change the earth, the earth still needs to validate your claim.

Evaluate Yourself:

How to tell if you’re too emotionally attached to your idea or decision

Some people create amazing products; however, these products are simply not in demand. People may demand them in the next ten years; however, at the moment, people do not give two hoots about the product.

There are times when a slight tweak to your product will make it more attractive to potential consumers. You can never know what people feel about your product until you test it.

Do not invest money into crowdfunding if you have not tested the product. It’s a simple rule but one so consistently broken.

People keep making the mistake of launching a product before test-running it in the market. Do not assume that people will like your product or idea.

As a matter of fact, innumerable good ideas run through the minds of people—every day. Your idea is special if it performs some or all of these four functions:

  • Solve people’s problems.
  • Remove negative feelings from the minds and bodies of people. Negative feelings include discomfort, pain, stress, and pressure. 
  • Satisfy people’s wants, needs, and desires.
  • Solve a problem in a unique way—the uniqueness of the product is its USP (Unique Selling Point) and it may include affordability, seamlessness, technology, luxury, functionality, and more. 


List of highest-funded crowdfunding projects

When hosting a crowdfunding campaign, you must have a concrete plan. Your campaign cannot accidentally become successful.

Planning and execution must be deliberate. At Ideazon, we have been helping entrepreneurs and businesses create successful crowdfunding campaign, and they can do the same for you.

Do you have an amazing idea or an amazing product? At Ideazon, we run your ideas/products through deliberate parameters to determine its chance of success, and support you, financially and creatively to help make your venture successful.

If you still have questions about successfully running a crowdfunding campaign, you can check out a YouTube video we made dedicated to your questions. 

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Niche Down: Is Mass-Appeal Overrated When Offering New Products or Services?

Niche Down: Is Mass-Appeal Overrated When Offering New Products or Services?

Appealing to the masses may seem like the ultimate goal for an entrepreneur, and it makes sense why. You want the widest reach, to appeal to the widest audience, to earn maximum income and have your new product or service be as widely received as possible.

But what if that’s what’s actually crippling you? Appealing to the masses may be doing you more harm than good, and that’s where the phrase “niche down” comes into play.

It’s likely you’ve heard it before, because niching down has become a very commonplace catch-all phrase for entrepreneurs offering products or services. Here’s why mass-appeal might be overrated when offering new products or services, and why niching down may be exactly what you need.

Niching down refines your offer

A big problem for entrepreneurs who launch new products or services? They want to do it all.

Catering to everyone may seem like an appealing concept, but it can be a death sentence for newer businesses, without much cash or infrastructure to support “everything.” Plus, if you’re offering your customers the world, they may actually be unclear about what your expertise is. 

Consumers want to put their trust in an expert, not a jack-of-all-trades. If you niche down and refine your offer, you’re much more likely to appear to be an expert.

Niching down allows you to also refine your marketing

Marketing is the biggest area where we see niching down actually becoming really beneficial. If you’re trying to offer your product or service to the masses, you’re also going to be marketing to the masses.

This can not only be a real headache, but it can often be a disaster, especially for a new product or service. Typically, a newer product or service doesn’t have the infrastructure or capital to be running dozens of complex and accurate marketing campaigns at once, at lease successfully.

If you niche down your offer, you can also niche down your marketing efforts, so your hitting your exact audience with exactly what they need to be seeing.

Niching down your offer allows you to stand out

When you niche down, you do something that can be incredibly helpful: you enter a smaller pool. If you’re appealing to the masses, you’re also going to be competing against the masses, including the biggest and most successful products and services out there today.

When you refine your offer and niche down, you’re suddenly in competition with a potentially much smaller pool. This is great, because it gives you much more of a chance of standing out, and surpassing your competition.

You’ll have a much easier time with consistency

In order to offer an excellent product or service, you need to be offering something that is consistent and repeatable. This can be very challenging when you’re appealing to the widest audience, because there’s much more room for error.

If you’re niched down, you’ll likely find that you can run a much smoother machine, and deliver excellence time after time.

Interested in working with Ideazon to launch your next big idea? We’re the leading crowdfunding agency helping entrepreneurs turn their dreams into realities. You can read about our success stories on our website.

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COVID-19 Crowdfunding Insights: Keys to A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign During The Pandemic

COVID-19 Insights: Crowdfunding Campaign Success During This Pandemic

Are you considering beginning a crowdfunding campaign? If you already have a crowdfunding campaign, are you considering taking it to the next level?

While it might sound daunting in our current situation, it can be a better time than ever before to increase your campaign reach. However, to be successful at it, you’ll have to be strategic in doing so.

Ideazon knows the importance of combining strategy, creativity, and innovation most specially now that the economy is in a holding pattern and businesses are shutting down, you may be wondering if a crowdfunding campaign can succeed right?

The Pandemic and Crowdfunding

It’s important to know that when you’re diving into a crowdfunding campaign, you are swimming in a crowded pool. The internet is filled with crowdfunding campaigns but don’t be discouraged!

While the digital congestion can be overwhelming, it simply means that you need to go the extra mile to be more strategic and creative in your campaigning efforts. While you have more crowdfunding competition than ever before, you are setting yourself up in a great position for success if you approach the campaign with more determination.

It’s a common misconception that digital marketing will be easy and by understanding the work that goes into it, you’re already ahead of the game.

Utilize the pandemic to your crowdfunding campaign’s advantage

With everyone in their homes and online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this can be a great opportunity to gain a new audience that you can and should take advantage of! To stand out among the other businesses with the same thought process, it’s important that you begin your campaign efforts dedicated to working hard and pushing forward.

However, if you can push through the competition to rise above, you have more eyes in front of your content than ever before.

What sort of campaigns are doing most successfully in the pandemic?

Psychologically, people want to connect with a mission that gives them hope to a sound, bright future. That couldn’t be more true today. Right now, everyone is looking towards the future and not always in an optimistic way.

It’s important to break through the drearier news of late and give your audience hope in your product’s future.

This Is How to Connect People With Your Brand

How do you reach new audiences in the pandemic?

Simple – reach out, post a lot, and reach your audience through the right channels. Whether that’s being a source of entertainment, providing your audience with a product they need, or simply teaching your audience something new, you have limitless options.

Your audience in a pandemic is going through a life event that is terrifying for many. However, we’re all sharing that connection and if you can link that back to your brand, you’re creating a network rooted in something bigger than today’s goal.

Now a great time to begin a crowdfunding campaign

Why not! A lot of incredible things come from uncertain times. Many of us have more time than ever before to create or invest in a plan because of the lockdown. We at Ideazon highly recommends to try or expand your crowdfunding efforts in this unprecedented time.

6 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign

As you probably know, we here at Ideazon are really big supporters of crowdfunding, for tons of reasons. Our team of experts have been in the crowdfunding industry since it first started to pick up steam in 2012, and before that, they were entrenched in the worlds of venture capital, marketing, and e-commerce.

Our understanding of the world of crowdfunding is multi-faceted, and we’ve helped launch thousands of crowdfunding campaigns. If you’re thinking about crowdfunding your idea, we’re here to help you. Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t wait to launch your crowdfunding campaign.

People are actively looking for new campaigns to invest in

Every year, more than $17 billion is generated from crowdfunding in North America alone, according to research. What this shows us is that people are happy to spend their dollars on crowdfunding projects which they see as valuable.

There’s money out there for crowdfunding projects, and it can definitely go towards your next campaign.

The crowdfunding landscape is growing

Between 2019 and 2020, funds raised by crowdfunding grew by about 33%, and that sort of growth is only projected to continue. By the year 2023, there are projected to be more than 12 million campaigns annually.

It’s cost-effective and you get to keep equity

Back in the days of raising venture capital, it was extremely challenging to raise funds for a project, and even if you were successful, you had to give up equity in your company before it was even off of the ground.

It was a deal with the devil, which we had to make time and time again. Crowdfunding is a cost effective way of raising the funds on your own, and the best part is that you get to keep all of the equity in your idea.


You can get proof of concept and feedback

If you’re not sure if your idea will be a hit, a top-quality crowdfunding campaign will show you real results. By putting it out there, the masses will show you if they support your idea, and can also give you feedback on their thoughts.

This can be a great venue for getting proof of concept and for making modifications to your plan.

You can develop add-ons and upsell to your backers

After you have backers for your initial idea, you have a unique opportunity to offer them add-ons, and upsell. You’ll have a list of people who already support your initial idea, and that means you know what they’re interested in. If you have additional ideas, you have a great opportunity to sell them as well.

Here's what Ideazon can do for your crwodfunding campaigns.

We just recently launched our redesigned website! To check out the updated site and learn more about the services that we offer, please check out ideazon.com.

If you’re lost, there are experts there to help you

We know what it’s like to want to launch a crowdfunding campaign, but be overwhelmed by the process. But instead of waiting for your nerves to calm down, or trying to navigate it all on your own, reach out to our team at Ideazon on LinkedIn.

We can conduct a free crowdfunding review, to help determine if your idea is good for crowdfunding. After that, we come up with a personalised crowdfunding plan, including digital assets such as high-quality videos.