How To Pivot Your Idea To Still Be Relevant In A Pandemic World

How To Pivot Your Idea To Still Be Relevant In A Pandemic World

There is no need to lament over the troubles caused by the pandemic again at a time like this. For us, the days of being confused about what to do have passed. What to do now is to adapt to the changing circumstances and take the bull by the horn. 

Adapting to the new normal involves knowing how to pivot your ideas and still be relevant in a pandemic world. Though this might sound like an easy task, experience has shown that this is far from true.

This is why we are providing information on how to pivot your ideas at a time like this. You will find all that you need about staying relevant in a pandemic world in the subsequent paragraph.

  • Understand the Change

We often tell people that the easiest way to pale into insignificance is to ignore the changes in how things are done. The pandemic has changed many things, and whether we like it or not, we must adapt to these changes.

Adapting to these changes means ensuring your ideas are a reflection of the current circumstances. And if they aren’t, they should, at least, give enough room to adopt these changes. 

5 Tips for Crowdfunding During the Pandemic

Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo report people are continuing to support fundraising projects. Here’s how to adjust your funding strategy for the times.  
  • Break down your ideas

Breaking down your ideas will ensure that people find them easy to follow. Let’s face it; the new normal has thrown a lot of fun and entertainment at people’s laps.

The consequence is that they are not ready to stick to things they don’t understand at first sight. This is why you have to make people understand your idea by breaking it down into easily “digestible” bits. This way, people can follow through and keep the ideas with them.

  • Get Social

Getting social shouldn’t have to be something we need to emphasize anymore. Whatever idea you want to make relevant has to be on the internet to make waves.

Most people now rely heavily on social media to get their information. You can’t afford to be left out. This is why you must actively engage people on social media and get them to hear your ideas. 

  • Pitch Perfect

Pitching perfectly means doing everything you can to ensure that your ideas get to the right audience. Since you are engaging social media to pitch your ideas, you will have to be creative.  The means you are using to get your ideas out there means a lot. And you should work at getting the best out of it.

We would suggest that you use a video, simple and catchy infographics, or self-explanatory pictures. This way, people will be able to flow with the ideas and keep them relevant.

  • Market It

Even after you have done everything we said above, you sure cannot ignore the place of marketing. Like products, you have to market your ideas to gain acceptability. It is when people accept your ideas that you can be sure that it is becoming relevant.

To properly market it, you can employ social media channels. Targeted and sponsored ads have also been known to help push ideas beyond boundaries. 

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Why 2021 is the Best Time to Finally Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Why 2021 is the Best Time to Finally Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Sourcing for funds can be tedious, and with the nature of things in 2020, it may have gotten even more difficult. As the global community moves into a new year (and decade) of opportunities and causes, there are even more reasons to source for funds.

There aren’t many options that may be suitable in the long run, and there’s none as effective as crowdfunding. An alternative way to generate financial resources for common interests through the donations and contributions from others, crowdfunding has long since shown itself as the go-to option when all else is bleak.

And crowdfunding with Ideazon is an even much better way to effectively source funds.

Why? That’s because we are a group of leading experts who understand how to pitch business ideas in a simple yet sophisticated way that will interest both seasoned investors and average investors.

Let’s face it, no one knows how we made it out of 2020— and we certainly know it was not without its casualties. With the world as we know it next to unrecognisable, everyone is trying to rebuild and get back on their feet the way they know how.

Everyone needs that massive push, and that’s just what we exist for. Here’s why your crowdfunding campaign couldn’t have picked a better time to run:

  • 2021 is a year of new beginnings. We all want to put the very stagnant 2020 year behind us, so it only makes sense that 2021 pushes new boundaries. You need resources for those, however, and where on Earth could you possibly get what you need to push forward in a legitimate structure? What better way to achieve this than through Ideazon?
  • You’re going to need capital: Like Roy, you may be an entrepreneur and are looking for the financial catapult to launch you into this new life. But that can be a lot of trouble, not to mention highly risky, but just like Roy also found out, if you’re going to trust anyone with your dreams, it had better be Ideazon— because we are one of the leaders in the industry.

    If you ever wanted to venture into something new, then 2021 is the perfect time for that leap; and we will see you through it. You may check out Roy T’s testimonial and find out how Ideazon have helped him raised $565,115 for his crowdfunding campaign.
  • If you’re a stickler for a system that’s without complaints or flaws, we understand why you haven’t taken that bold step yet. You’re probably looking for the right platform without hassles— and that’s just something we can offer.

    Not everyone can stomach any more obstacles, and luckily, we stand for excellence and nothing but that. We are your best option for a mistake-free, results-driven campaign.

Ideazon is the leading platform for crowdfunding; made up of the best marketing talents and experts who work to ensure campaigns and goals are met— often with extraordinary results. It all starts with the push of a button; you sharing your ideas and the rest, as they say, is history.

Take the leap today, 2021 is the best time to start that dream campaign yet.

Crowdfunding Predictions for the New Year (2021)

2021 Trends: Crowdfunding Predictions for the New Year

Looking beyond the immediate harm COVID-19 brought to the world, there’s a silver lining very few people seem to acknowledge. That beacon of hope is crowdfunding.

Notably, amidst the pain and destruction the pandemic brought to lives and businesses, humanity grew stronger. There’s a greater sense of value for one another. And this reality brought us to help one another.

Without a doubt, crowdfunding grew beyond limits in the past year. People were able to attract significant funding for education, business, human rights campaigns, and social change worldwide. For us at Ideazon, we believe there will be newer possibilities for the world to open up this year.

As expected, every year comes with its twists and turns. Thus, we hope to chart a course for crowdfunding in the new year from our experience with previous years and by monitoring end of the year funding activities.

Here are the trends we expect to become dominant in the crowdfunding sphere in 2021.

  • Civil Rights and Politics

2021 is an election year for most countries, especially in the third world. With many revolutionary and pro-democratic campaigns in these countries, most minority groups may have to look to crowdfunding to fulfill their political ambitions.

Also, the US will witness a transition to a new government. Hopes are high, but civil rights issues can spring up, requiring significant public funding.

  • Equity and Debt crowdfunding

For startups seeking crowdfunding, many investors and contributors now tilt towards equity and debts rather than rewards. Experience shows that long-term commitment yields better profit. It also assures the recipient that there would be no anti-competitive behavior from the contributor.

Moreover, startups now require crowdfunding opportunities that offer consultancy services, as Ideazon does. The professional advice goes a long way in ensuring  business projects’ success and measuring prospects of funding.

  • Health and Care

Most celebrities have shown a more generous disposition towards community service. The trend will surely make its way into the new year, becoming a standard practice of athletes, actors, and firms.

As a result, crowdfunding attempts towards health and medicine will increase. Moreover, the need to take vaccination to third world countries may inspire this trend.

The poor and vulnerable are also attracting support from individuals and groups. As living conditions worsen due to the absence of social security globally, crowdfunding is undoubtedly the most viable option for improving healthcare options.

  • Dedicated Crowdfunding Platforms

We expect more use of dedicated crowdfunding platforms. A significant number of people still raise funds by leveraging personal connections. But that practice won’t be around for too long in the new year. Crowdfunding platforms like Ideazon offer greater visibility and value compared to individual action.

We recognize these trends at Ideazon, and we’re actively putting our services in the spotlight. We are a crowdfunding company passionate about helping individuals launch their dreams to reality. Through our platform, Kickstarter, we partner to raise funds for projects ranging from education to business. A partnership with us is a collaboration to make the future better.

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Crowdfunding trends in 2021.

Crowdfunding Product Trends: What Will be Hot in 2021?

Between the global pandemic, the US election, and the calls for social change being made around the world, there is no doubt that 2020 caused people to think differently about how they spend their money. That being said, crowdfunding campaigns have become incredibly popular over the course of the last year.

Kickstarter, one of the leading crowdfunding websites, reported that the total number of campaigns quadrupled since 2014.  As things continue to change, it’s important to stay in the know with what 2021 might bring. That’s why we’ve made a list of the different crowdfunding product trends you might want to keep your eye on. 


Much of 2020 was spent at home, and it doesn’t look like that is changing much as we head into 2021. Because of this, we’ve seen online gaming campaigns gaining a lot of traction.

From ‘choose your own adventure’ games to virtual tarot decks, game developers are getting creative with the products they offer to those funding them. 


Along with constructing home offices and becoming experts at Zoom meetings, a lot of people got busy in their kitchens to pass time during quarantine. With that came a slew of campaigns for creative foodies who have mastered their craft and are ready to bring it to light in 2021.

Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter have entire categories dedicated to Foods & Crafts, where you can find campaigns for food trucks, in-home distilleries, vegan cookbooks, and artisanal nut butter. Because people always have to eat, there is no doubt the food trend will only expand in the next few years. 

Quarantine Art

Lockdown has separated a lot of people from their friends and family, and has forced us to find new ways to communicate from a distance. We noticed a category on Kickstarter called Inside Voices, where creatives use crowdfunding to publish zines, art books, and music inspired by or made over the course of quarantine.

As life continues to change, we will definitely see more and more people react creatively in the coming months.  


In 2021, the hottest technology won’t be found in silicon valley, but on crowdfunding websites. Many inventors have turned to crowdfunding to fund their creative endeavors rather than finding investors.

From tools to help with productivity to new toys, crowdfunding websites have it all. Don’t be surprised if the new must-have gadget made its way to the mainstream market by crowdfunding. 

Ideazon helps to revolutionize crowdfunding by providing marketing and consultation services every step of the way. We discuss all things crowdfunding on our official website and our blog has always been the go-to resource for staying up to date with the crowdfunding industry. 

5 Books You Should Read Before Launching Your First Crowdfunding Campaign

5 Books You Should Read Before Launching Your First Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is a great way to fund your latest business idea or creative project. It has become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to websites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter. 

While these websites make setting up a campaign pretty easy, there is a lot more to crowdfunding that sharing a link on Facebook. Luckily, there’s been a lot of reading material published recently about how to navigate the world of crowdfunding.

We compiled a list of 5 books you should read before launching your first campaign. Let’s get into it. 

  1. The Crowdfunding Bible: How to Raise Money for Any Project by Soctt Steingberg

As it states in the title, this is the go-to book for  any beginner in the world of crowdfunding. Since it’s only 90 pages, it’s a quick read that covers the essential information needed to start a successful campaign.

It also contains a lot of great examples for pitching your campaign and advertising on social media. 

  1. Crowdfunding for Social Good, Financing Your Mark on the World by Devin Thorpe

Crowdfunding projects that are working toward social good are on the rise, especially after this year’s events. If you’re looking to fund your own social good project, this book is for you.

 Crowdfunding for Social Good includes inspirational stories and tips that will keep you motivated to make a successful campaign.  

  1.  Crowdfunding: The Complete Guide to Using Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Other Crowdfunding Sources by Janet Ruth

It can be hard to find a starting point when entering the world of crowdfunding. We love this book because it dives deep into all the popular resources out there and which website will best suit your needs.

Different crowdfunding websites serve different purposes, so it’s important to choose the right one. 

  1. Crowdfunding: How to Get Crowdfunding Fast and Easy…even if you were Rejected by the Bankby Lise Gottlieb 

Crowdfunding: How to Get Crowdfunding Fast and Easy…even if you were Rejected by the Bank is the perfect book for anyone on a lower budget. It not only outlines the basics of crowdfunding like how to use crowdfunding websites but also talks about how to quickly acquire funds from the start.

There is also a great section on social media marketing, which is essential to any thriving campaign. 

  1. The Kickstarter Handbook: Real Life Success Stories of Artists, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs by Don Steinberg 

Though this book is specific to Kickstarter, there are still a lot of great tips inside that anyone can use. We love this book because it consists of interviews with real Kickstarter users who have launched successful projects.

All of their stories are relatable and full of advice for how to get the perfect campaign started.

Ideazon helps to revolutionize crowdfunding by providing

marketing and consultation services every step of the way. They discuss all things crowdfunding on their website and are the go-to resource for staying up to date with the crowdfunding industry.